Safilo Sunglasses


In every frame, there’s a unique balance of no-compromise attention to detail, top-performing features, and master use of materials, intended to create a remarkable visual impact but also a perfect fit. Design is one with ergonomics and elegance to deliver the wearer a kind of comfort that is both physical and aesthetic. The collection is characterized by a distinctive design, blending classical and contemporary references in a modern context. It features a balanced repertoire of iconic and well-liked shapes reinterpreted with a sensitive aesthetic. All the frames have been given names that recall components and crafting techniques from the realm of Italian eyewear production: Calibro, Buratto, Registro. Hi-tech and handmade co-exist in a project that bridges yesterday with tomorrow.

Safilo is made in and made of Italy. Everything we do is steeped in the Italian ability to produce the good, the beautiful, the well-made. A unique skill based on craftsmanship expertise, where creativity meets the needs of everyday life.  As an architectural brand, Safilo places primary importance on fusing craftsmanship and aesthetic sense to create comfortable and beautiful glasses that are now available direct to the public at wholesale prices from Fabled Lable. Get your next pair of sunglasses from our Fabled Lable online shop and showcase your personality.
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