Fossil glasses come from the heart and soul of the FOSSIL brand – its people, products, and culture. A Fossil (and Fossil glasses) is about a unique kind of inspired creativity. At Fossil, fashion meets technology, and purpose meets impact. Representing the concept of accessible cool, Fossil’s identity is anchored in vintage authentic style mixed with a creative spirit and a sense of humor that extends into all its product offerings, including glasses. Fossil glasses are the invention of the Fossil brand, which has carefully built a worldwide designer reputation for stylish quality and fashionable craftsmanship. The popular glasses collection takes advantage of its heritage with some classic frame styles but it also winks at a new contemporary dynamism. Fossil glasses are the ideal choice for men or women with a self-confident attitude who know what they want. Get your next pair of sunglasses from our Fabled Lable online shop and showcase your personality.

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