Balmain Eyewear


Just like his familiar DB blazer, jeans and sneakers, this is a Balmain product that seems destined from the beginning to form a part of the designer’s daily wardrobe. “I’m crazy about the whole line, but there is one particular design that is very much me,” notes Rousteing. “And, the entire team could spot my love for that unique model at each and every stage of the development which is why they decided to name it ‘Wonder Boy.’ And, yes, I’ve already begun slipping that style on every morning.”

Much of Olivier Rousteing’s runway is inspired by the confidence of the men and women of today’s Balmain Army. Their impressive force is reflected in each of the house’s offerings forming part of Balmain’s essential DNA. It’s clear that the same spirit has been channelled into Balmain’s designer sunglasses and available direct to the public at wholesale prices from Fabled Lable. Get your next pair of sunglasses from our Fabled Lable online shop and showcase your personality.
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